Tennis health benefits

Tennis is a wonderful game for many reasons and seasons. We all know we can learn to play it at any age. It is sociable, and fun and for the whole family. The health reasons are not always as obvious though, but the benefits of a game of tennis are far-reaching.

Here are 10 reasons why tennis is tops.

1. Tennis burns calories

Playing a good game of singles tennis can burn between 400 – 600 calories an hour. It is all the running, stretching, reaching and, of course, the concentration, which burns fat. Tennis is a real workout; few recreational sports can offer the same fun and social interaction while exercising.

2. Tennis makes you flexible

Every time we hit the ball, the whole body cooperates. The feet have balance; the arms stretch and use power to get the ball across the net. Hand-eye coordination to hit the ball is required, for accurately anticipating the stroke. You really get to know your own body when you play tennis!

3. Tennis is good for a healthy heart

The quick movement on the court gets the heart rate up, and the blood pumping. It is good for cardiovascular health, lowering the risk of heart attack, stroke, or heart disease.

4. Tennis is a whole-body workout

A game of tennis is a wonderful workout for the whole body. The legs do the running, stopping and starting. The arms and shoulders are in there for the hitting, and the torso and back do the reach and stretching.

5. Tennis improves aerobic and anaerobic health

Tennis heightens your oxygen intake, which gets the heart rate up. Faster breathing from running delivers more oxygen to the brain and other tissues aiding in capillary development. Anaerobic health is developed by the quick spurts of energy for explosive power and quick, reactive movements.

6. Tennis curbs osteoporosis

Tennis is one of the recommended weight bearing exercises to build strong bones. Regular exercise increase bone mass and slow the rate of bone mass loss down over time. Impact exercise also increases the lymph draining and improves general immunity.

7. Tennis boosts brainpower and concentration

Tennis involves the brain to strategize, plan, react, and be creative. It requires agility and coordination of different body parts. The more we play tennis, the more new neurons are developed. Studies show sports such as tennis improves memory, social skills and behaviour as well as memory.

8. Tennis will improve your performance in other sports

According to research, tennis is great for cross-training exercise, as it requires 300 – 500 quick bursts of energy per game. It requires the fitness levels equivalent to three to five miles of fast running, speeding up, sprinting and improving endurance.

9. Tennis makes you feel good

Science found tennis players are more optimistic and less anxious than other sport players. They also have more confidence, and their social skills are better developed. Plus the pleasant “high” one gets from strenuous exercise.

10. Tennis will improve your focus and social life

To master the skills of playing tennis takes perseverance, time and a lot of practice. This brings discipline and dedication to the game. Social skills are required to interact with different opponents and handling winning and losing, takes good sportsmanship.

When last did you have a game of tennis? Go and hot the courts! Its fun, and it’s good for you!

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