Start them early!

Young Aces’ Play Smart Program is designed specifically to build the following foundation skills of pre-schoolers 2-5 years of age. In each 30 min class, our Young Aces staff help to build these skills by focusing on:


Hand eye coordination


Throwing and Catching


Why is this necessary for your child?

These fundamental movement skills play an important role in supporting a child’s physical development, enabling them to participate confidently in play, sport, dance & other activities within school and the wider community. Play is nature’s training for life, and positive experiences of play and physical activity can enhance children and young people’s mental health by building up their confidence, self esteem and resilience. It is also through play, both in the community and at school, that children develop friendships and a sense of belonging to a peer group.

How do we build fundamental motor skills?

The Play Smart Program provides a non-sport specific, fun, challenging and enjoyable starting point for children’s involvement in sport. Sessions include a wide variety of games and activities, all involving the development of skills and attributes that can be applied to a range of sports and physical activities that a child may subsequently choose to participate in. It provides a wonderful introduction to tennis that provides young children with multi-skills exercises to improve their motor skill development.

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